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wedding videographer based in italy, available worldwide.

Photography is a passion born when I was a child. My father owned a compact Pentax, I often took it to take pictures. In truth I simulated the gesture, there was never a roll of film inside, I liked looking in the viewfinder, seeing the cut, and focusing. That was enough for me. Passion became a profession very quickly, I started working in a photographic studio when I was only fifteen. In the summer I went out for ceremonies, and I was an assistant: that’s when I learned most of the techniques. In winter, however, immediately after school – I graduated from the Filiberto Menna Art Institute in Salerno – I helped out in the studio.

In particular, I was in charge of artisan black-and-white printing, a magic that bewitched me. Specializing in film language came after, even a little by chance, the urgency to replace a colleague, and indeed yes, apart from the considerable weight of the cameras of the time, shooting and editing immediately fascinated me. So what is evident is that in my training in photography and videography, the study of light and composition, key elements of newly conceived wedding films, are intertwined.


We Are Story Tellers

live in the moment, feel the emotions

We want to tell the real moments, to make a personalized and timeless film.
The wedding film is a real author’s film, made according to a defined concept, storytelling. But at the same time, we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the emotions of the day, by everything that happens around us. Empathy for us is essential to allow us to work in the most natural way possible, which is why we prefer to get to know our customers personally.

We call it film, and we want to do it, not for a habit, but because mirrorless cameras offer the possibility of working in 35 mm just like in the cinema, taking advantage of the peculiarities of photographic optics, to this we add the use of drones. , sound design, color, photography, direction, things we carefully work on to produce the film of a real event. The use of ambient audio, and microphones to ensure the cleanliness of sounds and voices during speeches, the choice of the supporting soundtrack, for which we sometimes spend hours, if not days, all these things make the film.

During our services we are minimally invasive, we move with great discretion, limiting the time of couple sessions as much as possible. We are committed to establishing a friendly relationship with the spouses and their guests, trying to make them feel at ease. We know that the wedding day is unique and important, it is theirs, nobody else’s.

Thanks to the techniques, innovation, skills, and above all the sensitivity of the videomarker, today it is possible to give life to a real film story capable not only of evoking the emotions of the day of the ceremony but also generating new ones. Training in this regard is essential as an element capable of giving that added value that differentiates everyone’s work. And I’m not just talking about technical knowledge or skills, but about personal experiences, passions, and therefore: travel, films, music, books, museums, and theater; all elements necessary for the formation of one’s know-how. The creative process is not completely linear, but once we have stored all the suggestions, at the most propitious moment it happens that we pull them out.