Villa Eva, Ravello.

About their destination wedding, Tiffany and Scott tell to us:

“Our love story began in 2014, when two friends from 3000 miles away thought they should be something more. Weekend trips and airport greetings became the norm for us, and the best parts of our young adult life seemed to multiply by two. Instead of just one city, we felt at home in both Toronto and Los Angeles. Instead of one Thanksgiving holiday, we celebrated two. Instead of one group of friends, we were surrounded by two amazing social circles.

Our destination wedding was so special to us because it merged our lives into one big, loving ring of family and friends. And there was no better setting than the town of Ravello. Throughout the days of our wedding, friends and family would spontaneously bump into one another in the town, joining each other for lunch or a glass of wine. Watching our closest friends form their own new friendships was the best. Watching our families laugh together while making someone a plate of food was special. There’s something about a shared dinner of pizza and wine around a long table in Italy that really makes you feel like one big family…

Villa Eva, our wedding venue, felt like our home for the day. And the romance of our ceremony was elevated even more by the stunning view of the Amalfi coast. Our Italian destination wedding was perfect in every way – great wine, better food, newly formed friendships, a growing family, and two people in love who made a forever commitment to build a life together. And that’s just the beginning…

Tiffany and Scott”